Shoe options for pediatric AFO/SMO wearers

One of the main questions I get from parents is, “What shoes can I get for my child to wear with the brace?”  The answer used to be, “Get one with a removable insole, and we will see.”  The, Answer 2 shoes came out, and orthotists and parents thought they were in heaven.  Not only did the shoes fit over the braces, but many times they could fit some extra things along with the braces like, a change purse, pens/pencils, and credit cards.  There was plenty of room, sometimes too much.

Walmart, Target and Kmart now carry shoes in widths and are super lightweight and I usually steer parents that way.  Tsukihoshi, is a shoe that is hard to find locally but Zappos carries them.  Tsukihoshi shoes are on the pricey side but if you like something with style, check them out.

Last but not least, are the shoes from Surestep, they are on the wide side of shoes but are lightweight, low-profile and cute/handsome.  Here are some pictures of the Surestep shoes over  Cascade DAFO’s.


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5 responses to “Shoe options for pediatric AFO/SMO wearers

  1. mark

    Another great option is Hatchbacks. Check them out at Nice colors and styles. Shoes are split in the middle so the heel can be bent down and then velcro straps hold the shoe back in place.. Brace donning is a snap.

  2. mark

    Sorry that

  3. Sommer McGuire

    Yep, we love our patent leather Mary Jane hatchbacks. Have been great from Sept. til now. Looking for a summer time solution now.

  4. I was left with this challenge with no help from anyone on what to put on my son. I bought skidders and he started walking. They are very flexable! They are good for being in the house when typically kids don’t want to wear shoes, but they need their braces!

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