The Other Side of the Booth

It was an hour before the attendees could come down and networking/spying/curiosity was in full force with the exhibitors down below. This was the first time that I had been on the other side (exhibitor side) of the booth. What I learned is there are so many amazing stories of entrepreneurs pushing excellence in our field.

If you have a chance ask Brandon from Legworks his story. Ask Josh from Protosthetics about his scratch built dune buggy he made in high school. Ask Cooper from Protosthetics about his story of building an additive manufacturing facility for a Fortune 500 company. Ask Tyler and Tyler from Additive Manufacturing about how they use their innovative modification techniques to build printed sockets. Ask Jeff Erenstone about he is using 3D printing technology to advance care worldwide but specifically in Nepal. Ask Dr. Graf and Dr. Stess how they decided to build STS casting and leave successful practices. Ask Paul Prusakowski how OPIE is moving toward outcome measures. Ask Bob Meyer from Bulldog tools how he is such a wizard with machining. Ask Brad Curtis from American Prosthetics how they keep innovating for our field. Ask Brad Mattear about his involvement in pushing for a bright future for technicians in our field. Ask Matt Perkins from Coyote Design what it takes to be a 5-time world champion triathlete. Ask Rob Weiss from D-Rev to talk about the trials in India for an affordable knee for the developing world. Ask Bob Radocy from TRS about the rigorous testing he puts his products through. The list goes on and I stand in amazement of the talent and stories of the entrepreneurs that are moving our industry forward.

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