Review: SureStep SMO’s for pediatric low tone pronators (note for Parents at end of post)

When I first heard about the SureStep SMO’s I was curious about how they worked. I asked myself, “How can a flexible plastic, with the toes free, taken by measurements SMO fit and be more functional than what I can currently provide for patients?” There was only one way to find out and that was by trying them out. I now have fit upwards of 30 patients with the SureSteps and I am convinced that they work and work well. The patient outcomes I have seen have been amazing. I have seen children instantly go from being unsure on their feet and barely pulling to stand to being able to cruise and take steps in a matter of days.

Measuring for the SureSteps is a breeze and not scary for the children. Fitting is a simple process and the outcomes are sometimes inexplicable. I never ceased to be amazed of how many times I hear, “…how can a little piece of plastic do that.” One of main reasons I like the SureStep is that it relies on hydrostatic loading and compression to get the correction at the calcaneus and through the medial arch. When there is compression over a larger surface area the potential for skin breakdown is minimal. If you have a low tone pronator you may want to give this a shot.

Note For Parents of children with Down’s Syndrome: The SureStep SMO is a great way for your children to gain stability while walking and address concerns about flat feet.





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2 responses to “Review: SureStep SMO’s for pediatric low tone pronators (note for Parents at end of post)

  1. bobby

    For a child diagnosed with autism, who has low tone. Will the sure step braces work for this child?

    • Thank you for stopping by lifEnabled. I have multiple pediatric patients that are affected by autism that excel in SureSteps. They provide a great deal of support while allowing all normal active movements such as getting on toes and going into a deep squat. I have one boy that is actually preparing to run a 5K in them! One thing you want to make sure is that you actually receive SureSteps, there are many companies that will make “knock-offs” but I assure you that they are not the same. I am in no way affiliated with SureStep but as an orthotist I have seen the many gains from their product and I have become a fan. Let me know what you decide to do. If you would like to talk further, email me and I will gladly provide my contact info.

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