Why is the Rush Foot so Popular?

I was having a conversation with a friendand fellow prosthetist.  We were discussing which feet we used and he said that at the last Amputee Coalition of America conference the Rush Foot seem to be the foot of choice. He seemed a little perplexed because he had never used one before. I told him if he used one he probably would not order anything else.
I have been using the  Rush Foot for as long as they have been around. I continue to use it because patients love it. The walking is smooth, uneven terrain is not an issue, hills and ramps are no problem. The only issue I have had is one foot started to make a clicking sound and I could not trace it down. The clicking sound ended up being the foot starting to delaminate. When I started speaking with the people at Rush I realized I had gone too soft on a patient  who was a super high activity patient. The foot was essentially two categories less than what he needed. They replaced the foot under warranty without a hesitation. Great customer service! Great foot! Order one! Your patients will thank you.

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