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Home Brew Prosthesis: From Matthew Pepe in Bolivia

Matt works in a prosthetic center in Bolivia and the attached photo of a prosthesis (being held by his technician) that a local village women made using a POT as her socket.

The man made his from a heavy block of wood and heavy steel bars.

I think Matt is doing an amazing work down in Bolivia with very few resources but they can always use help — technology, materials and money, if anyone would like to donate to a good cause check out their website and youtube channel.



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A “Home Brew” below the knee prosthesis, very ingenious!

A patient of ours came to us with this prosthesis.  He had taken aluminum foil and wrapped his leg and a broom stick together.  He then took marine resin and painted it on the inside and outside of the foil and reinforced the attachment to the “pylon”.  Check out his prosthesis, I thought it was neat.


If you have any pictures of “Home Brew” designs please forward them to me, .  I am always amazed at the creativity many people use to gain mobility.

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