Too Difficult?

My riding mower ceased to work on Friday and while I was waiting on parts to come in I contacted a local young man who home from college to see if he would mow my yard.  He said he would be happy to and asked for my address.  I gave him my address and apparently he looked my house up on Google and wrote me back that it was going to be too hard (roughly 3/4 of an acre almost all flat).

A couple things struck me as I evaluated this interaction.

  1. He jumped to the conclusion that it was too hard.
  2. No questions were asked.
  3. This could be an opportunity to make even more money.

In summary, he had something that I did not have, scarcity (time and a machine that mowed), but instead of jumping at an opportunity he simply missed it by saying it was “too hard”. Sometimes good things (money and opportunities) come from doing the hard things.


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