Is the Patellar Bar Dead?: Review of the RCR (Now Stabileflex) below-the knee prosthetic socket from Coyote Design (Part 4)

I recently documented a case where a patient had worn out his Ossur Comfort 3mm locking liner in the patellar tendon area. He also had a dark calloused spot on his patellar tendon. I put him into an RCR socket and the patient was thrilled. Over the course of 4 weeks, the dark callous turned lighter and eventually to normal, supple, non-calloused skin. His gait pattern was more normal, and he felt uninhibited around his knee because there was no material hindering full extension. The cosmesis was better because the socket was lower profile with no anterior gapping. Lastly, he was ecstatic that he was able to bend his leg up to about 110 degrees under him, which made it easier for him to get his 6’4” frame out of a low chair.

Initial evaluation

Two weeks after initial fitting

4 Weeks After Fitting


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