Is the Patellar Bar Dead?: Review of the RCR (Now StabileFlex) below-the knee prosthetic socket from Coyote Design (Part 1)

As a young, know-it-all prosthetist, I leaned over to my buddy and said in a sarcastic smug voice, “You’re kidding me right? These are the craziest trimlines for a BK I have ever seen; those shapes do not make any sense and would never work.” Over the next two years, however, I could not get my mind off of what I had seen, and I wanted to know more.

I enjoy reading a great deal of prosthetic historical literature, and I know that Charles Radcliffe, MS, ME pioneered many of the concepts that are still used today in below-the-knee prosthetics. His contributions are and continue to be extremely valuable to the field of prosthetics. I began to realize, however, that many of the theories behind the Patellar Tendon Bearing (PTB) prosthesis were actually created in the 1950’s─long before gel liners. Socket technology has not kept up with the designs and progression of new interface technology


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