Component Review: The Plié Knee and Rush Foot a great combination

I am already a fan of the Rush Foot, if you did not see my video I did on fitting a bilateral transtibial amputee please check it out.  This is the 4th one I have used and the patients have raved about them.

I just recently fit Bobby, an extremely active person with a right transfemoral amputation.  He was walking on a Otto Bock C-Leg with a 1D35 foot.  He had been walking on the C-Leg for 7 years and did well with it.  When we tried the Plié knee from Freedom Innovations on him he was very specific about the things he liked about it.  He liked being able to walk backwards, walk really fast, and being able to reach above his head with both feet on the ground to grab something up high.  He told me that he felt more in control of how the knee was going to act.

The reasons he likes the Rush Foot from Ability Dynamics is obvious from the video.  I will not hesitate to use this combination again.


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