Prosthetics and First Lady of Guatemala…

Great synopsis of our meeting in Guatemala.

End of the Pipeline

I joined the crew from Hospital Shalom, San Benito, a Christian hospital in Peten.  Tim and Doris Spurrier started this work years ago.  They have surrounded themselves with friends both nationals and expats.  It is an expanding work.  Vine International has helped over the years shipping containers of building materials and medical materials.  One of those friends, started coming in 2006 is Brent Wright (son of Bill Wright mission electrical engineer life long missionary).  Brent is a prosthetist with a mind for missions and our unique needs.  He works outside the constraints of oppressive expensive regulations in the USA where the prosthetics he fashions are between $6,000 and >$14,000.  The average income in Peten is around $4,500 a year.  No family can afford to give all of almost three years wages for a prosthesis.

There are 15 million souls in Guatemala of which 0.7% – almost 104,000 are amputees. …

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