Off to Guatemala

It is 4:30ish in the morning and 5 of us are off to Guatemala.  Our 10 total bags are full of pieces and parts and tip the scales at 49.4 lbs. each, just under 50 lbs..  The team consists of Frank from Sunstone Lab, Paul Sugg of EastPoint, Tyler Sugg of EastPoint, Jason Bedford of DreamBox, and myself.  I am excited to have such a great team and hope to serve the people of the Peten region effectively.  Please keep our team in your thoughts and prayers.  I hope to blog on a daily basis as well.

I would like to thank Samaritans Purse for shipping much needed equipment down to Guatemala, Limbs for Life for a generous donation of knees and feet, Ossur for multiple knees, and SPS for extending us some price breaks.


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  1. Janie Summerlin

    Have a great and safe trip guys!!! Will be praying for everyone!!!

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