How put transfers onto straps for AFO’s, KAFO’s, Lanyards for an Above the Knee Prosthesis

There was a question posed on the orthotics and prosthetics forum a few weeks ago on how to transfer patterns to straps. The range of answers was anything from using an iron to using a t-shirt heat press. Well, deep in the lifEnabled proving grounds the answer of how to produce a crisp, clean, consistent image on a strap was achieved. We tried ironing and it “worked” but was quite inconsistent. I then ordered a t-shirt heat press from ProWorld Inc and found that it gave the sharpest and most consistent results. From now on if a patient wants a transfer the straps will match. If you do not want to buy a press you do have another option. Frank Hodges from Sunstone Lab will put together a strap kit for you. We are going to start experimenting with sublimation printing to see about creating custom transfers.


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