When a patient passes away…

As many of you know I do almost all my work as a mobile prosthetist and orthotist. Being a mobile prosthetist and orthotist has many challenges yet there are many rewards. One of the main privileges I have is meeting with patients in their environment and many times in their homes. As a result of this the professional and friendship lines blur. I get to see what makes my patients so unique and better understand the struggles they are experiencing.

A couple weeks ago a patient of mine passed away unexpectedly. I was one of the first people called and I was stunned, I not only lost a patient but also lost a friend. One of the joys I have is seeing what my patients do for hobbies and her hobby was one I have never seen. She built dollhouses, not any dollhouse but super ornate and detailed ones. Before she died, I told her that I was going to show my “lifEnabled” friends her dollhouses and she just beamed. Lastly, she will leave a special gift for someone in Guatemala. Her brother informed me that he wanted me to have her prosthesis so I could give the gift of mobility to someone in Guatemala that could not afford it.

Everyone is unique and has an amazing story. Take some time, and learn about another persons story it will be rewarding. Take a look at her dollhouses and be amazed.


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  1. jnllwright

    Wow!! So sorry… Glad you made this post!

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