2011 in Review: Top Five Posts Plus a Few Extra Statistics

Well, I must first say, ” Happy New Year!” , to those that follow lifEnabled.  Last year was a great year and the blog saw quite a bit of growth.  I am still honing in on what people like to read about and what I am finding is that I need to listen more to those statistics.  For instance, the quick post on the tie-dying socks was a hit and I did not realize it would be.

The other aspect that I added to the blog has been the “Inspirational Stories”, this was a suggestion from my sister.  She said, “Brent, I love your blog but I don’t know what the heck you are talking about when you give technical tips.  You need to include something that I can relate to.

Another aspect I did not expect is the traffic that I would get from other countries.  The countries included, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Bolivia, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, India, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Israel, Australia, and New Zeland.

The top five posts of the year were:

Thank you again for making lifEnabled a success.  With your help we can make 2012 a bigger and better year.



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