Coyote Design quick to recall TABS for Summit Lock

This is one of the reasons why I like dealing with a company like Coyote Design. They are proactive and want to ensure that their customers are happy and patients are safe. If in doubt of the TAB you have please call them and they will replace it for free. They provided me with the TABS so I could create a video to create awareness of the recall.

Here is the letter from the owner, Matt Perkins about the recall information.

We strongly recommend an immediate evaluation of the TAB (CD101T) of the Summit Lock for locks installed since August 1st, 2011. To check for the bad part, simply bend the tab backwards so the teeth are exposed. With very little pressure the tab will snap. Visit to view a video of this procedure.

If you are at all uncertain about the quality or condition of the part in your possession please request a replacement part from Coyote Design (800) 819-5980 and one will be sent to you immediately at no cost.

The Tab (CD101T) can be found in the following product numbers.
CD101, CD102, CD101XT, CD101XTM, CD101M, CD102M

It has come to our attention that the wrong material was used to inject a small portion of our last batch of CD101T, Summit Lock Tabs. The wrong material causes the tab to be extremely brittle and can break easily. In most cases the tab is so brittle it will break during the donning of the liner, however, it is possible it could happen while the patient is wearing the prosthesis which could result in the prosthesis falling off.

Our current estimate is that less than 100 of the bad parts were mixed with the good parts. Only a portion of the one hundred estimated shipped, most of those shipped did so in the month of September 2011. We are still working to narrow down the specific quantity of the bad parts that were shipped, and when.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we are hopeful that our proactive approach to the matter will help reduce further escalation of the issue.

Matt Perkins
Director of Marketing
Coyote Design


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