Special Edition Guest Post: Jeff Boonstra, CP Reviews the BiOM PowerFoot from iWalk. Is it a game changer?

We had a fantastic experience the Power Foot Biom recently. One of my very high activity patients who has a short below the knee amputation was fit with a Demo of the Biom. After initial set-up he wore the prosthesis consistently for approximately 2 hours without taking it off or adjusting. Nick (patient) stated that the 4 ½ pound foot that he held in his hand, felt extremely lightweight, and he could not tell that there was any increase in weight from his previous prosthesis. Nick wear’s what is most likely to be the lightest BK prosthesis for K4 activity we could design. A lightweight carbon socket with the full length Freedom VS foot attached directly to the distal end of his socket. I would have put money on it, that Nick would have thought the Biom was heavy and he would have rejected it for weight.

However, I was wrong. He did not mention the weight once throughout the fitting process. As you can see in the videos Nick performed some extremely high level activities during his time wearing the foot. Now keep in mind as well, Nick has tried 7 different feet over the last 2 years and has chosen the Freedom VS as his number 1 choice. He loves the energy return and the smoothness of gait it provides. After wearing the Biom he was blown away when he had to put the carbon “passive” foot back on. His gait had completely changed and it took him about 30 minutes to get back into the gait pattern he had previously had.

The Power Foot Biom provides such a natural and “powered” response to the patient that it mimics their sound side limb almost identically. We were all very amazed at the amount of ground compliance the foot had, and the ability the foot had to power Nick up hills and ramps with the powered plantar-flexion.

In the end Nick did not want to give the foot back, as he felt that is was the smoothest, most comfortable thing he had ever felt. He also noted that the foot reduced the amount of forces and pressures he felt in his socket.

I cannot speak to battery life, but iWalk is telling us roughly 4 to 5 hours of walking before needing to switch the battery. The batteries are very easy to switch out, and in my opinion for what the foot offers would not be too great of an inconvenience to the patient. Overall the Power Foot Biom impressed us greatly. As an able bodied Prosthetist, we know that it is difficult sometimes to feel what our patients are feeling, or understand their frustrations. Sometimes it is very difficult to relate to what the patient is going through, and we learn something every day that makes us get better and better. This was one of those times where you just know things are right, and that the patient is completely satisfied with the fit and function of the device, and when we can offer a device that gives the patient that feeling it is the ultimate achievement.

Jeff took some video and I edited it down. Enjoy!

If anyone is in the South Dakota area and is interested in the BiOM I would urge you to talk to Jeff Boonstra, CP.

I personally have not fit one of these but if you are in the North Carolina area I would be happy to get you more information and possibly a demo, please contact me at brent@lifenabled.com .



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2 responses to “Special Edition Guest Post: Jeff Boonstra, CP Reviews the BiOM PowerFoot from iWalk. Is it a game changer?

  1. Nice video. It is an impressive foot for sure and it was a pleasure to have had the chance to see it in action. Now the quest to find good candidates!

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