Inspirational Poem: Erin Hall, 13 years old wrote it. “Problems of a Handicapped Child”

We have this poem hanging in our office.  To me it is a reminder that the mind is powerful even though the body may have a “disability.” The other theme of this poem is children are in touch with their emotions and that is something to really keep in mind when interacting with them.

“Problems of a Handicapped Child” by Erin Hall (age 13)

How I wish I knew what it’s like
To run or walk or even ride a bike.
Yes, I can do some things other people do,
But there are limitations I cannot break through.

Everyday life is hard for someone like me.
Yes, I have problems I wish people could see.
I have my own friends just as you,
But sometimes I think they have better things to do.
From some people I get looks and stares
While others call me names.
Some think that riding in a chair is all fun and games.

Life often can be sad,
but I have friends who stand by
Through good times and bad.
I don’t want your pity,
Don’t be sorry or blue.
All I want is to be one of you.

Sometimes I cry,
While other times I laugh
For all the good times and memories I have.

I thank the good Lord above
For giving his care and showing his love.
I am thankful to know he has given to me
a good family and friends
to help me cope with
the problems of a handicapped child.


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