Guest Post/Review: The Re-Flex Shock from Ossur by Jeff Boonstra, CP

A special thank you to Jeff Boonstra, CP for giving his feedback and review of this new foot from Ossur.

“Brent, this is a great new foot from Ossur. My patient could not say enough about the motion, responsiveness, and shock absorption of the Re-Flex Shock. I feel that this, along with the OWW Limb Logic, is an amazing set-up for a high activity patient. I was surprised with how smooth the patient walked with the foot. I was also surprised that my patient did not not miss the torque absorption. He stated that the way the foot moved he did not miss having the rotation/torque component. The other thing that spoiled me was the infinite ability to adjust and dial in the height of the foot without the need of cutting a pylon.”

Check out the videos Jeff sent. I am impressed with the smoothness of the foot and also how the patient transitioned from walking to running.



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5 responses to “Guest Post/Review: The Re-Flex Shock from Ossur by Jeff Boonstra, CP

  1. cool, will this replace the Blue ball inflated model. i really like the blue ball but it does occasionally loose air pressure.

    • Hey Jeff, thank you for stopping by the blog. From my understanding the “blue ball” one is being replaced by the Reflex Rotate which is has quite a few needed upgrades over the other. The Reflex Shock replaces the VSP with some much needed upgrades. According to my colleagues both of these feet are great for high activity/high impact patients.

  2. nagi

    How can I connect to the industry or people who offer those prosthetic limbs ?

  3. mick lydon

    iv had a reflex with evo for 15y and im a bricklayer who flogs the piss out of it

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