Using adhesive foam dots for marking landmarks on a below the knee or above the knee cast for a prosthesis

The post on using foam dots to mark boney prominences for orthotics was very popular.  Many people asked where the foam dots can be purchased.  They can be purchased from Coyote Design, and they come in two sizes.  I rarely use the large foam dots, however, it is nice to have both sizes in stock.

Another question was asked if I used the same dots for casting for a prosthesis.  Here is a picture of the dots being placed on a liner before a cast is taken. The dots can be used to mark the crest of the tibia, fibular head, cut end of fibula/tibia and any other areas that may be problematic in a prosthesis.  Unlike indelible pencil markings, the foam dots stay in place and provide you with valuable and precise locations on the positive model.


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