Guest Post: John T. Brinkmann, CPO, LPO, FAAOP on Work Space Efficiency

We have very limited space in our facility, so I recently updated my primary evaluation/casting/fitting workspace to make it more efficient. Even though my lab is only a few steps away, I was tired of getting up for a pair of scissors, a catalog, rolls of cast tape, or a 4mm wrench. My operating principle is that the items used most commonly (cast supplies, sizing charts, measurement and alignment tools, towels) should all be within easy reach of the primary work station. The tablet PC for documenting in the electronic medical record (EMR) and internet access is on a roll-away computer table allowing easy transitions from eval to impression or fitting and back again. Keeping the high-low table configured as a chair reduces the footprint in the limited space; a full table isn’t necessary for the majority of patients. Now I just need to get some wall decorations…


What ways have you found to maximize efficiency in your work spaces?

Thank you John for this tip.  I like the idea of the high-low table doubling as the chair.




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