My apologies to polypropylene…a little bit thicker and it passes the bat test

My co-worker, Paul Sugg, CPO C.Ped FAAOP, gave me a challenge to try one of his polypropylene sockets with the bat test. The socket is central fabricated from Biosculptor and is blister-formed over a foam mold. The final thickness of the plastic is 1/4″ or more. I must admit, I thought the plastic had no chance with the bat test.

When the bat test was performed, I was surprised that the bat came off the socket faster than it was hit. No damage or deformity was seen after 60+ seconds of beating.

It should be noted that I still prefer copolymer because you can get away with a thinner plastic plus it will not fail catastrophically. Mad props to the thicker polypropylene, though, for enduring a serious beating.


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