This tip is Unbelievable!…A magnetic sleeve protector for a Below the Knee prosthesis

This tip comes from Theresa Oster, Technician Extraordinaire and Jeff Boonstra, CP from Advanced Prosthetics Center. This is one of the most unique fabrication techniques I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing and documenting this tip.

The fabrication of this magnetic protective cover involves quite a few steps. The video should fill in the blanks for the fabrication aspect.

The steps are as follows:

1. Buy 1/8″ by 1/2″ magnets like the ones here.

2. Do first lamination as normal.

3. Use foam for transferring your alignment.

4. Use the appropriate size Forstner bit to hollow out an area for the magnets

5. After holes are placed, reinforce foam with carbon tape and finish layup. Put magnets in the holes and then pull a nylon over top to keep in place.

6.Laminate as normal.

7. Wrap the proximal 2/3rds of the socket with electrical tape and then build up any areas that would prevent the protective cover from sliding off with plaster of paris.

8. Place sleeve on mold and tape it down.

9. Add 3 layers of stockinette and tape them down. (Extra thickness because the sleeve will be under vacuum)

10. Wrap Aliplast around distal four-hole plate to be able to grind off bottom of slip cover lamination.

11. Add a nylon over the whole mold and spray with mold release silicone. IMPORTANT!

12. Pull PVA Bag over top of everything.

13. Place next set of magnets on magnets that are in the socket.

14. Thin lay-up for protective cover.

15. PVA bag.

16. Laminate

17. Finish as normal.



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3 responses to “This tip is Unbelievable!…A magnetic sleeve protector for a Below the Knee prosthesis

  1. To answer a FAQ by an interested Prosthetist: “Nope the laminated sleeve protector doesn’t ever fall down.” The magnets securely hold it in place yet its easy enough for the patient to push it down when doffing the prosthesis. Just my 2 cents. Nice job on the video guys.

    Mark Maguire, CPO
    Advanced Prosthetics Center, LLC
    Omaha, NE

  2. Eddy Hernandez

    Very cool idea

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