Review: Silicone mixing bowl for plaster from Coyote Design

I have been using the standard black rubber mixing bowls as long as I have been in the orthotic and prosthetic field. One question I would always ask was, “…how can I keep the plaster from sticking to the side of the bowl when I go to clean it out.” I tried many “tricks” to keep from having to work so hard to have a clean plaster mixing bowl but nothing ever worked

Coyote Design is now selling a silicone mixing bowl that I have been using for about one year. Matt Perkins, the director of Marketing, says, “…we had trouble with the plaster sticking to rubber and so we decided to see if it stuck to silicone. Plaster did not stick to silicone so we made a mixing bowl from silicone.”

The mixing bowl only comes in one size, it is small, but big enough to modify a pair of AFO’s or a bilateral set of BK’s. If you are tired of cleaning your black rubber mixing bowls give the one from Coyote Design a shot, the bowl works as advertised.


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