Guest Review: Jeff Boonstra, CP on the new Fabtech Composite for Above the Knee and Below the Knee Prosthetic Laminations

After my post on the “carbon itch,” I received a couple of suggestions of different composites and plastics to use rather than carbon. Jeff Boonstra, CP from Advanced Prosthetics Center in South Dakota reviewed the Fabtech Composite for me.

Jeff says, “It was neat to use the white composite for the pigment without adding the extra layers that are usually needed to cover up the carbon. The lamination was easy to grind and no feathering of the composite was noted. The trimlines were able to be wet sanded nice and smooth and best of all there was no itching!” Jeff also mentioned that the price of the Fabtech Composite was about one third the cost of carbon.

Here are the pictures of the socket Jeff laminated.


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