Solution for toe curlers

I probably should have figured it out sooner, but a strap over the toes is not effective to prevent toe curling. I have been putting Shearban on toe pads and the low friction does not allow the patient to “grab” the pad and keep toes curled. When the patient bears weight the toes have no choice other than to splay out and extend. Here is a picture of Shearban on the Cascade DAFO toe pads.



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3 responses to “Solution for toe curlers

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  2. Hello,

    I am reading this article for the first time. I had a malignant apeodemomoma that has left me hemiparesis since 1994 I used an AFO and an AAFO to help with my gait and stability. Anyone who wears plastic AFO’S for any extended period of time causes nasty,, painful calaises. I have always been active and was looking for ways to rid myself of the painful orthotic.

    About 7 years ago I made the decision to have my ankle fused for more stability. The Dr also did a tendon transfer, to help with walking and over all stability. I had high hopes as I went through the recovery process. I was told to get MBT’s to help with the frontward rollowwing motion. The stability I have now after surgery was great, however, my toes starting curling. I had experienced this with the AFO but it quickly went away. The area slightly below the toenail on my big foot is hardened with calosicious that have since split. I have tried everything I can think of but cannot find relief, and I so miss hiking, and any recommendations you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks in advance


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