Fabtech Adhesive for Test Sockets

Well, I think I might have gone overboard on the video.  The Fabtech adhesive was the star of the clip.  My very controlled setting for the test were as follows:

-Rough up bottom of socket

-Expose metal of connector plate

-Gob on Fabtech Adhesive on connector plate

-Put socket onto connector plate

-Let it set up

-Have patient walk on test socket

-After patient walks, clamp pyramid in vise

-Tug and Pull to see if adhesive fails (it did not)

-Take 31 oz bat and hit socket to see if adhesive fails (it did not, the plastic actually failed)

I know the test is not scientific, however, I believe if you are walking your patients on Vivak, Durplex, or Bulldog Plastic sockets you need to be using the Fabtech Adhesive (whether or not you should be using that material is a discussion that will be covered shortly).  The adhesive did not fail in the violent tests that I put it through.

Here is the actual full length beating the socket endured.


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