Metal Band Bender

This tip comes from Frank Hodges, head technician at Sunstone Lab. He did not want to shell out a bunch of money for a benchmounted band bender, so he built this for under $10.00! Here are the pictures. The steps to make it are at the end.



1. Buy this hinge, carriage bolt, and self tapping lag bolts.


2. Remove the middle section of the hinge by taking out the hinge pin.

3. Grind the tip of the carriage bolt to a point, knock of the tops of the threads and then insert the bolt into the hinge (you will have to use a hammer).

4. Mount hinge in vise and then take a pry bar and set your clearance on bolt +1/8″

5. Mount to bench with lag bolts (ensure that you have moved it off the bench so you can easily slide the barstock through)

6. Take a hacksaw and cut off the barrel on the triangle aspect of hinge, this will become your pressure plate.

7. Contour and mount the pressure plate to fit your work bench.

8. Stand back and marvel that you just saved a bunch of money!



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4 responses to “Metal Band Bender

  1. C. Semonco

    This is a great example of good ole American know how; where creativity, inspiration, and innovation led to cost effectiveness and efficiency without passing on unnecessary costs to the practitioner and patient. Good Job!

  2. mark

    Even cheaper way just use your bending iorns. Hold the band at each end in your iorns (one held in the vise) and curl the band to get a perfect bend, its a fluid motion not a small stepping motion. You have to use a little muscle and you might have to flip it and rebend but its the quickest way to bend a band and you will find that you have the flat area already to square.

  3. Hello! great post you have here. Thank you:)

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