Review: Evolution Industries Velocity Valve Kit

I have always been a fan of Evolution Industries, but they really outdid themselves on this kit. I have been looking for something that essentially hid a barb so you do not have to drill a hole in your socket. Typically, I would drill a hole in the socket and thread in a barb from Industrial Specialties and then epoxy in the barb. I have not had too many issues with this method; however, it never looked as good as I wanted it to, and it could potentially get bumped and then start leaking. One of the things I do not like to do is chase down air leaks.

Upon arrival, I was impressed with the overall quality and thought put into the kit. The instructions were straight forward and easy to read. The final socket came out awesome.

The following pictures show the socket, and the patient was thrilled with the results. We paired the kit with an OttoBock P2 Harmony System and have had absolutely no leakage issues. In fact, the patient states that this is the first time he has been able to walk without pain and then hop in bed and sleep without pain as well.

A couple of notes on fabrication:

-Proflex with silicone was pulled over the mold

-A nylon was then placed over the Proflex and PETG was pulled

-PETG was roughed up and then the distal attatchment was bonded (in alignment) to the PETG with Fabtech Systems Adhesive

-One shot lamination

For those that are curious, the reason I did a flexible inner liner for this gentleman was to be able to lower the anterior trim lines of the frame significantly so he would have flexibility around his knee cap area where he had a great deal of trauma. The result was a super clean and professional look. This was the first time I did this, and I look forward to using the kit again.





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